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Homeward Bound


Homeward Bound

Accidental Theatre, Shaftesbury Square
(Doors 1445) 1500, 12th March.

Homeward Bound is a 30 minute play which tells the true story of Lesley and her husband Seth Goodburn.

At 49 years old, Seth was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer following a short history of feeling unwell. He died just 33 days after diagnosis. This is a play, written by playwright Brian Daniels, to give people, especially health and social care professionals, the opportunity to reflect on the importance of compassionate person and family-centred care at the end of life and to help individuals to understand how little things mean a lot to the person who is dying and to their family.

The play draws its content from a series of letters written by Lesley before and after Seth’s untimely death. She articulates the journey from the first signs of his illness, through diagnosis, care and treatment and after his death at their local NHS Hospital. The play will be followed by a discussion with the actors and Lesley Goodburn.