The Mental Capacity Act (NI) 2016


The Mental Capacity Act (NI) 2016: A Change in Thinking and Culture

Rosaline Kelly, Senior Professional Development Officer Royal College of Nursing, NI.

1800-1930, Wednesday the 25th of October 2017.

The Steven Livingstone Room (02/003). The School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast.

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After many years in development, the Mental Capacity Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 (the Act) received Royal Assent in May 2016. The format of this legislation is unique. The safeguards enshrined in the legislation are about “lack of capacity” not mental illness, and rest of the world is looking to Northern Ireland to lead the way in safeguarding persons who lack capacity to make decisions about their health and welfare.

Implementation of the Act will require a significant change in thinking and culture; a move away from a paternalistic view that the professional knows best, and an emphasis on the choices, rights, feelings, values and beliefs of the person in our care. The Act is relevant for all healthcare professionals, not just those who work in mental health or learning disability services. This discussion will help to shape the thinking of attendees in understanding their professional and legal roles and responsibilities in terms of the Act.

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