Modern Medical Ethics: Moral Support or Professional Challenge


Modern Medical Ethics: Moral Support or Professional Challenge?

Dr Duncan Wilson

(Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester)

1700-1800. Tuesday the 21st March 2017

The Senate Room, QUB.

Free to Attend. All Welcome.
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Recent decades have seen profound changes in our understanding of the ethics of medicine. Whilst the subject was previously discussed by medical doctors alone, the topic is now discussed publicly and several academic disciplines, including law, philosophy and the social sciences, make substantive contributions to the field. In the UK this change could be attributed to the development of bioethics. However, a historically accurate picture highlights how the changing political context ultimately determined whether this interdisciplinary field represented a challenge or support for doctors. Illuminated in this way, we can consider the politics of medical ethics anew.

Dr Wilsons book on this topic, The Making of British Bioethics (MUP 2014), is available as an open access .pdf.

This event is organised as part of Imagine: A Festival of Ideas