Bioethical Utopias


Bioethical Utopias: What the Future of Medicine says about our Present

Professor Richard Ashcroft.

School of Law, Queen Mary University of London.

1300 Wednesday the 22nd of March 2017

Old Staff Common Room, QUB.

Free to Attend. All Welcome
As space is limited, registration is encouraged. Please email us at:

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At a time of social and political uncertainty many people are choosing to focus their dreams and aspirations on their mental and bodily health. We may not be able to have better societies, but perhaps we can have better minds and bodies. Taking up the hopes held out by biomedicine and biotechnology, bioethicists have given further voice to these aspirations. In ideas of human enhancement and ‘the post human’ we find them projected into our collective future. Here, it seems, society will achieve Utopia, one body at a time. In this talk Professor Ashcroft will explore the place of science, medicine, and technology in the way we imagine our collective and individual futures and what this might tell us about ourselves in the present moment.

This event is organised as part of Imagine: A Festival of Ideas