About Us:

The Northern Ireland Forum for Ethics in Medicine and Healthcare exists to promote an awareness of the ethical issues which arise in the delivery of health and social care.You can get involved with the Forum’s activities by becoming a member, and you can keep up to date with our events by emailing a request to join our mailing list to contact@nief.org.uk or by joining our facebook group. Members come from a range of disciplinary backgrounds within healthcare and we encourage interested members of the public to join to Forum and participate in our activities. We organise an annual conference (usually in April) and hold 4 or 5 evening meetings every year.

On 1800 Thursday the 15th of June, Fionnula Flannery, from the General Medical Council’s Standards and Ethics Team, will be speaking about The GMC’s 2017 Confidentiality Guidance.

Previous Events:

Recent evening events have addressed Letting Hunger Strikers and other Patients StarveAlienation in the Medical ProfessionEpistemic Injustice and Chronic Fatigue SyndromeWhy there can be no Moral Obligation to Eradicate Disability, the Duty to Disclose and the implication of the Montgomery-v-Lanarkshire caseuterus transplantation, and death in human beings. A full list can be found here.  

In March 2016 we curated three events as part of Imagine: A Festival of Ideas. These were Controversies about the Human Right to Health with Prof. Jo Wolff (UCL); An Opt-Out Organ Donor Register: What is it, and should NI have one?Dr Chris Hingston (CLOD South Wales), Dr Paul Glover (Regional CLOD, Belfast, NI) and Nathan Emmerich (QUB); and Editing the Genome: What do the Public think about Engineering Human Beings? with Silvia Camporesi (KCL). We did the same in 2017. Dr Duncan Wilson spoke about Modern Medical Ethics: Moral Support or Professional Challenge? and Professor Richard Ashcroft on Bioethical Utopias: What the Future of Medicine says about our Present.